Study Scavenger Services

  • Study Scavenger provides on-the-go simple study information to motivated, determined potential research subjects.
  • Study Scavenger allows the user to search when it's convenient for them -regardless of where they are. In this fast paced world, Study Scavenger is available anytime, anywhere.
  • Study Scavenger offers secure, free-of charge and up-to-date notification services for clinical trials while maintaining the user's privacy.
  • Study Scavenger capabilities allow the ability for the potential research subject to speak directly to the research site for more information and to coordinate their first appointment with a simple click.
  • Study Scavenger provides email notifications for newly posted studies.
  • Study Scavenger gives the potential research subject the ability to set mileage and stipend parameters that meet their current travel and financial needs.
  • Flat Fee Pricing Option: Study Posting on Clinical Hero website and all distribution channels